Yerres International Showdown Tournament: March 14 - March 17, 2013 (English) 

Dear Showdown friends,

Showdown Club and Devisport are happy and proud to invite the two best female Showdown players and the three best male Showdown players from each country, alongside any willing Showdown referees and coaches, to take part in the second instalment of the Yerres International Showdown Tournament, between March 14 and March 17, 2013.

As we did last year, we will play at Yerres Cultural and Educational Centre (CEC), located Rue Marc Sangnier, in the city of Yerres, in Paris suburb.

We will use French tables and Canadian balls.

Any type of bat is allowed, provided they are compliant with the specifications set forth in the IBSA Showdown Rules. However, we recommend that you use wooden or plastic bats, although any material is allowed.

Pursuant to the IBSA Showdown Subcommittee’s request, you shall wear rigid eye protection. Any flexible protection (such as aircraft eye taps) shall be prohibited.

We will reside at the Kyriad hotel, located Carrefour du Général de Gaulle, avenue Jean Rostand, in Bonneuil sur Marne. Although the hotel is not far from the playing venue, we will have to go there and back by bus.

The nearest airports are Paris-Charles de Gaulle and Paris Orly. Please note that we will not transport you from and back to the airport. However, upon your arrival, we will take you at Bonneuil sur Marne train station to the hotel.

Timetable forecast:

·         Thursday, March 14:

o   From 14:00: Welcoming participants at the hotel;

o   17:45: Departure to the tournament venue;

o   18:00: Referees meeting and equipment control. You may practice on the tables;

o   19:00: Dinner;

o   20:00: Opening ceremony;

·         Friday, March 15:

o   07:00: Breakfast;

o   07:45: Departure to the tournament venue;

o   08:30-12:30: Competition;

o   12:30: Lunch;

o   13:30-19:00: Competition;

o   19:00: Dinner;

·         Saturday, March 16: Idem

·         Sunday, March 17:

o   07:00: Breakfast;

o   07:45: Departure from the hotel (please make sure you take all your belongings with you);

o   08:30-12:00: Competition;

o   12:00: Prize ceremony;

o   13:00: Lunch;

o   14:00: Departure of participants.

Please note that this timetable may be modified. In particular, we may organize matches after 20:00.

The entry fee for this tournament, including accommodation in double rooms and meals, amounts to €210.00 for each player, coach and guide.

Referees will be accommodated and fed for free. We shall reimburse their travel expenses up to €250.00 per referee, provided we have been presented some evidence of such expense.

Any person, whatever their capacity may be (i.e. including referees), who wishes to be accommodated in a single room, shall pay an additional €90.00.

Please note that this entry fee does not include any insurance policy, which remains at your charge.

When applying for referees, you hereby certify that they are fully able to perform their duties as required under the IBSA Showdown rules.

We kindly ask you to confirm the application of your players, coaches and referees, before January 15, 2013. Should the entry fees not be on our bank account before February 1, 2013, we may deem your application revoked.

In case your application is cancelled after the application fees have been paid, no reimbursement of such fees shall occur. Nevertheless, you may modify the names of the participants you applied for up to three days before the beginning of the tournament. Should we incur any expense due to such modification, they will be charged to you, and we kindly ask you to pay for these as soon as possible.


Payment details are as follows:

·         IBAN: FR 7610278061050002011260138


·         Bank address : CCM Yerres-Crosne; 10, rue Marc Sangnier; 91330 Yerres

·         Account holder: SHOWDOWN CLUB

·         Account holder address: Résidence Gambetta, 1 Square de Bretagne, 91330 Yerres, France.


We are delighted to welcome you to France anew.

We sincerely hope to hear from you soon!

Very welcome! 

Jean Wagner,
Tournament Director

Bertrand Laine,
Deputy Director

Matthieu Juglar,
I.R. Manager

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